Frequently Asked Questions

Why Cash?

The Highest Quality.

Dr. Matt has spent a lot of time, effort, and money ascending in the physiotherapy world. He knows the best current techniques and the science behind them. Working directly with clients and cutting out the insurance middleman allows him to provide the most individualized and effective treatment for each patient without an outdated and sometimes medically uneducated reviewer dictating your care.

One-on-one Treatments.

Each patient will have Dr. Matt’s undivided attention for the entire treatment session. Without having to struggle with dropping reimbursement rates causing clinics to force multiple bookings per session, you and he are free to thoroughly investigate your complaints, get to the roots of your pains or dysfunctions, and eliminate problems at the source for lasting results.

Fewer Sessions.

The high level of therapy provided by Dr. Matt inevitably results in an overall decrease in average number of visits. Most Ascension Physiotherapy plans of care are between 3 and 5 visits with more complicated cases running a little longer. Many in-network clinics average between 12 and 20 visits with some running even higher! Dr. Matt typically sees his patients less frequently, as well. Instead of 2-3 times per week, he often advises 1 time a week for most cases, tapering off to once every two weeks before graduating a plan of care.

Save Money.

Dr. Matt takes patient care seriously and feels cost transparency is an important part of that care. Insurance considers physical therapy a “specialty visit” and many insurance plans in this area carry copays up to $110. Some are lucky to have lesser copay plans, but few are under $50 per visit. Lets do some math...

# Visits Cost/Visit Totals
Ascension PT: 3 to 5 x $150 = $450 to $750
Regional PT: 12 to 20 x $110 = $1,320 to $2,200
Low Copay PT: 12 to 20 x $50 = $600 to $1,000

Can I Submit a Claim to My Insurance?

Yes! Upon request, you can be issued a “superbill” after each session that can then be submitted to your insurance provider for personal reimbursement. All appropriate codes will be included for you.

Can I Use My FSA / HSA?

Yes! Policies differ, but once a small amount of specific paperwork is submitted, you may use your FSA or HSA for personal reimbursement.

What is a Physical Therapy Fellow?

A Fellowship in the physical therapy world is a post-doctoral program designed to add very specific and significant depth to a practitioner’s knowledge and skill bases and is only held by 1.2% of PTs in the United States. Dr. Matt is currently earning his right to be named a FAAOMPT (Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapists). This Fellowship programming brings the latest research into evidence-based manual treatment of pain and musculoskeletal dysfunction and stresses continuous consumption of quality research to guide rehabilitation practice. Perhaps pursuing this journey with 3 year-old twins at home and a pandemic sweeping the world hasn’t done wonders for his sanity or his eating habits, but it WILL give Dr. Matt a significant boost in his journey to provide the best possible care to his patients by being in the top of his profession.

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